Discover the effective power of Deviant Systems by artist Arsen Eca

“It’s time to reinvent our current system into something more poetic. Every click that I create is tailored to your specific needs, guiding you towards a system change. Surprising in its outcome, each click is transformed into phygital matter, an essential element that I use in all my works.”
Arsen Eca

Arsen Eca, in his avant-garde artistic quest, has designed a remarkable innovation that he calls “deviant systems”. These systems represent a major advance in phygital art, providing a unique electronic link between the audience and the artist, or between the audience and intelligent machines.

These deviant systems allow users to electronically link themselves to the artist or to machines designed to replicate their creative processes. This electronic link is not a simple connection; it is a channel for transmitting electromagnetic waves charged with the creative and emotional energy of Eca. This form of communication offers a deep immersion into the artist’s artistic universe, establishing a direct and intimate channel for artistic experience.

Beyond this unique connection, Eca’s deviant systems transcend the usual digital artistic experience by physically materializing art objects. Using cutting-edge technology, artistic impulses are converted into tangible creations, bringing digital art to life. This process of materialization is an extraordinary fusion between the virtual and the real, the abstract and the tangible.

An essential component of these deviant systems is their integration into the blockchain. Each creation, whether a wave transmission or a materialized art object, is permanently recorded in the blockchain. This registration ensures the authenticity and durability of each work, guaranteeing its originality and ownership. It creates an immutable and transparent digital artistic register of Eca’s work.

In summary, Arsen Eca’s deviant systems redefine the boundaries of phygital art. They facilitate dynamic interaction between artist, machines and audience, where creative energies and artistic expressions go beyond conventional limits. It is a bold exploration of the endless possibilities of art in the digital age, rethinking how we create, experience and appreciate art.

Arseneca l'art du phygital


The artist ARSEN ECA during an experiment on supercritical fluids and boiling water to thaw.

What is a deviant system?

The concept of “deviant systems”, developed since 2012, is a creation by the artist which is anchored in a deep critique of the contemporary uses of algorithms. These systems are envisioned as a surreal alternative to the way algorithms are typically used in art and technology.

At its core, a “deviant system” is a structure or set of processes that deliberately deviate from established norms in the use of algorithms. Rather than using them to optimize, simplify, or predict, the artist deploys them to create experiences and expressions that defy usual logic, flirting with the absurd and surrealism. This may involve reprogramming or subverting algorithms to produce unexpected results, often at odds with their original function.

This approach reflects a critique of the pervasive and sometimes invasive use of algorithms in modern society. The artist sees algorithms not as tools of simplification or convenience, but as means to explore deeper and less tangible dimensions of human experience. Therefore, deviant systems are designed to provoke, question, and expand our understanding of technology and its impact on culture and artistic expression.

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Each deviant system constitutes in itself a distinct and complete work of art.

An ARSENECA system

Deviant systems, as works of art, present notable complexity in their implementation. Each of these systems is the result of a meticulous design and production process, thought out down to the smallest detail by the artist. The goal is to create experiences that, while unique and surprising, are also repeatable and optimized.

The difficulty in realizing these deviant systems lies in their very nature: they deviate from conventional applications of algorithms and technology, which requires an innovative and often experimental approach. The artist must not only master the technical aspects of programming and engineering, but also integrate a deep artistic and conceptual dimension.

Additionally, reproducibility and optimization are key aspects of these systems. The artist ensures that each work can be recreated or revisited, thus preserving its relevance and impact over time. This involves careful planning and systematic design to ensure that each experience can be replicated with the same intensity and quality.

In short, deviant systems are not simple artistic creations; they are the result of rigorous work, combining technology, art and innovation. They reflect the artist’s vision of a work that challenges norms while being accessible and engaging for audiences.

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Unique in the world

The surrealist dimension of Arsen Eca’s deviant systems is part of an artistic tradition seeking to explore and express the unconscious, the dream and the irrational. These systems, by departing from conventional and predictable applications of algorithms, immerse the user in a universe where usual logic is disrupted, thus evoking the spirit of surrealism.

In surrealism, the goal is often to break down the boundaries between dream and reality, the irrational and the logical, creating a world where the ordinary becomes extraordinary. Eca’s deviant systems take up this principle by transforming routine digital processes into unexpected and immersive artistic experiences. By manipulating algorithms to produce unique and sometimes enigmatic results, Eca invites spectators to question their perception of reality and explore the depths of their imagination.

For example, a system that transforms mundane digital interactions into surprising physical actions, such as lighting a candle in a sacred place or sending messages into space, pushes the limits of what we consider possible. These acts, which seem to defy the laws of causality and distance, recall surrealist techniques aimed at destabilizing and amaze.

Additionally, using blockchain to record these experiences adds another surreal layer. This gives these ephemeral moments a status of digital immortality, further blurring the line between the real and the virtual, the permanent and the transient.

Crypto satisfaction

Emochain of beauty

Result of an exceptional physical transformation

Actually produce

Although Arsen Eca’s approach and achievements in his deviant systems may seem incredible, even fantastical, it is essential to emphasize that every aspect of these works is executed with extreme rigor and professionalism. Far from being simple theoretical concepts or illusions, these systems are implemented in a concrete and tangible way by the artist.

Eca pays meticulous attention to every detail of its deviant systems, ensuring that every click-initiated action translates into an authentic physical or digital reality. Whether transforming digital interactions into meaningful physical acts or manipulating algorithms to create unique experiences, each work is the result of hard work, deep technical expertise, and keen artistic sensitivity.

This professional achievement highlights the crucial importance of each click made by the user. Far from being a trivial gesture, each click in a deviant Eca system is loaded with meaning and consequences. It becomes an act of participation in a living work of art, an interaction that transcends the virtual to impact the real world.

The professional implementation of these projects also confirms Eca’s commitment to artistic integrity and responsibility. Each system is not only an expression of creativity, but also a testament to art’s ability to manifest itself in tangible and impactful ways in the world.

Advanced technology

Electronic chip containing an emotion stored in a bank

As a phygital artist, Arsen Eca places the click at the heart of his creative process. Every creation begins with this simple digital interaction, which triggers a chain of artistic actions and reactions. This approach perfectly illustrates the fusion between the physical and the digital which characterizes phygital art.

When a user clicks, it initiates a specific action. This action, whether a physical performance or a digital act, generates radiation or an emission which is captured by an electronic chip. This chip, a key element in Eca’s work, serves as a mediator between concrete action and its digital repercussion.

Capturing this radiation on the electronic chip is not an end in itself, but the beginning of a new phase of creation. Eca uses the data collected by the chip as raw material for his works. These data, representative of the action and its impact, are transformed, reinterpreted, or integrated into subsequent artistic creations. This process highlights the cyclical and interconnected nature of his art, where each element is both an outcome and a starting point.

A systematically created Emochain

Crypto gloire

Emochain of beauty

Arsen Eca, in his quest for artistic innovation, conceived a revolutionary idea called “Emochain”. This concept is based on capturing electromagnetic waves generated by emotions and physical actions. These waves are captured on the baryonic surface of an electronic chip, which is connected to the blockchain by radio frequencies. This technology allows Eca to physically record emotions and integrate them into a digital system.

The process begins when actions or events provoke emotional reactions. These emotions, by their nature, generate electromagnetic waves, which are then captured by the electronic chip. The chip’s baryonic surface is specially designed to detect and record these subtle waves, transforming emotions into measurable data.

Once captured, these electromagnetic waves, now in the form of data, are transmitted to the blockchain via radio signals. Integration into the blockchain ensures that every recorded emotion is preserved permanently and immutably. This method provides unprecedented traceability and authenticity for captured emotions, transforming them into digital artifacts.

Emochains therefore represent a bridge between the physical and the digital, between human emotions and technology. By physically recording emotions through actions, Eca gives tangible form to what is often considered intangible and ephemeral. This makes it possible not only to document emotions, but also to explore and share them in a digital framework, opening new avenues in artistic expression and emotional understanding.