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We take care of your data. These are systematically destroyed within 2 months of the date of your last order. However, you can anticipate and destroy your account.


Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

A R S È N É C A, parent company of Ch e z b e l e t t e Group, hosts and publishes the arseneca website .com which includes the processing and storage of all data collected on or through the website.

A R S È N É C A international has created this Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy (“Privacy Policy”), in order to communicate its policy and practices regarding the collection, use and disclosure of information about you obtained from the website

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully.

A R S È N É C A international may modify it at any time (see “Modifications and updates to the Privacy Policy”). You can read the most recent version of this Privacy Policy by consulting this section or by clicking on the “Privacy Policy” link in the footer of the site’s home page. If you decide to use the website, you agree that A R S È N É C A collects, uses and information about you, including personal and financial information, under the conditions defined in this Privacy Policy. If you do not accept the terms of this Privacy Policy or any changes to these terms, please leave the website and do not purchase any A R S È N É C A product offered for sale. on this site.

Information Collected and Examples

We care about your personal data

We take care of your personal data. A R S È N É C A considers that they do not belong to us, and you have the right to delete them. All data collected is used to process your orders and is necessary to achieve your goal. The data is automatically destroyed within 2 months of the date of your last order. Residual data is anomysed (Morphology, diet and objective)

The information collected belongs to you and you can request the destruction of your data at any time.
You can use the website without providing any personal information to A R S È N É C A However, you will need to provide certain information, including: – your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address if you wish to receive information from A R S È N É C A – as well as certain financial information (such as the number of your bank card or your credit card) if you decide to buy products offered on the site, for the payment of the products ordered and the processing of your order. The information provided on the website will be stored on the A R S È N É C A server in France. The retention period for your personal information is 10 years. However, the number of your bank card or your credit card, kept in order to facilitate reimbursement by in the event of exercise of the right of withdrawal, will be deleted within 15 days of your receipt of the product. order. You can also send an e-mail at any time asking A R S È N É C A to delete your personal information as soon as your order has been processed and delivered (see “Changes and access to your personal information”). A R S È N É C A may collect non-personal information about you, even if you do not purchase any product on the website (see “Connection cookies – Cookies”).

We make every effort to allow you to retain ownership of your data. In accordance with Article 17 of the General Data Protection Regulation, you can request the erasure of individual data concerning you.

The information collected allows profiling in accordance with Article 22 of the General Data Protection Regulation. Profiling enables the execution of the contract.

When you do a profile test we will never ask you for your identity. You are guaranteed to benefit from anonymity.
We study your collected data (morphologies, morale) in order to compare and aggregate them.
We use your profile photo to certify your result. This is anonymized.
Your profile photo is transformed to anonymize the photo before becoming the property of ARSENECA in exchange for the fulfillment of the contract.